Making the World a Better Place…

One Recovery at a Time.

Our mission is to ensure that you make a full recovery on assets that you would not have received without our efforts.  Our years of dedicated experience in uncovering lost assets empowers each member of the White investigations team.

With over 15 years of professional investigative experience in the legal and financial sectors, ever has been thoroughly investigated for accuracy.

Every one of our clients is treated with integrity. We have built a collective agency knowledge of tax, real estate, insurance and corporate law, gives our clients the best possible chances for recovering the assets that they are legally entitled to receive.


We are a licensed Private Investigation Agency that has been in existence since 2003. Our Level of experience is only matched by the quality of our team, and the work we do for our clients.


We are only paid if we actually recover funds we have located. There are NO HIDDEN FEED, and we will never ask you to pay for any up-front costs. We do this because we believe in your case.


We have encountered many situations where distant, and even direct heirs, have little to no knowledge of funds they may be entitled to receive. Not only do we locate heirs that other firms have given up on, we also locate heirs that courts never knew existed.


We customize investigative and recovery strategize to fit the varying needs of our corporate clients. Our goal is to successfully increase your receivables with minimal impact to regular operations.