recession is terrorizing the global economy, companies are crumbling leaving
the employees to fend for themselves. Marketing through conventional means has
intensified the rate of expenses. Hence Multi-Level marketing companies have
established terms and conditions to eliminate cost of advertising and utilise
the method of direct selling. Before the qnet fraud engulfed the market,
MLM companies indulge in direct selling where a member of the business is provided
with a business plan to promote the products of the company, and in case of
sale the member would get a hefty commission in return. This strategy was
appealing to a number of consumers and the number of members picked up pace as
time passed. With the downward economy, people kept their day jobs intact and
in spare time carried out the sale of the company products, thus stabilizing
the income to the household.


Qnet fraud has
originated from two sources- one, the people who have enrolled in the company
and felt like they have been cheated on while the other source is the rival
companies that are on a constant mission to tarnish the company’s image. The
people misinterpreted the MLM companies to be a quick money scheme. In reality
the companies of this sort, believe in efforts coupled by hard work and are
striving to make people understand the motive of its strategies. With a wide range of
products at their disposal the representatives can sell these products to
customers and acquire a reasonable amount of commission in return. It is a very
simplified and ordered sequence of steps that need to be followed in order to
meet the target. But if not played by the rules, the entire investment goes to


qnet fraud caught the market by
surprise and riveting speculations added fuel to fire. The companies following
a similar business plan were also targeted and bought under the spotlight. The
rumours spiralled out of control and investigations were called for to deal
with this matter. On probing into the facts, the truth finally got its way. The
mayhem was nothing but a speculation without dire evidence so the MLM companies
finally saw light at the end of the tunnel. Facing the humiliation and
accusation was not easy but the companies gathered their strength and started
afresh. The corporate sector is a tough nut to crack, and obstacles will erupt
at any point. The main modus operandi of companies must be to fight and never
give up.


the qnet
was clearedArticle Search, the company began its upward climb once again. The
struggle was not easy but sometimes hard work is just not a simple task.The MLM
companies’ utilised new policies and tactics that were in contrast to the
conventional methods may be that could have triggered the uproar. Another
reason could be the
personal failures and incorrect implementation of the company’s extensive
policies. Few individuals found it appropriateto blame the company. Anyway the
entire havoc taught a lesson to the people so that they are focused towards
their business enterprise and do not indulge and entertain baseless rumours.