The nature of cyberspace is changing fast with the rush now
on to set up rss news feeds. Every gram of news and current
affairs is gleaned from the four corners of the globe so that we
may be informed as to what is happening in hundreds of different
commercial fields of endeavour.

Everything from what new item is selling well on eBay,
to what “Wired Magazine” is saying about the latest technology.
More and more magazine and newspaper publishers are gaining
a foothold on this new juggernaut which is going to change
the way we gather news.

Advertisers too are not left out. Already some of the largest
media companies in the world are now poised to find advertising
space for their clients ‘branding’ campaigns, on any available
web page that regularly features in rss feeds.

The media companies with billions of ad dollars to spend,
will they say, be spending less on newspaper and t.v.
advertising in the coming years, and will concentrate instead
on ‘blogs’ and rss feeds.

Competition will be fierce for every available space on the most
popular feeds, some run by newspapers!

Many freelance journalists will be running rss feeds in direct
competition with the newspaper employers who now pay them
to gather news for their publication. There will be no editor
to censor their news items, they will be free to write
whatever they want.

This new found freedom for anyone in the world to be able
to express their opinions without it costing anything,
will make for a new ‘House Of Babel’, with maybe up to several
millions of rss feeds within the next five years run by private
individuals all over the world. The only needed resource to set
up a rss feed is free hosting on a server anywhere in the world,
and these web hosts are plentiful.

Press releases submitted to the biggest and well known
media release agencies are appearing rapidly on rss feeds,
with the publishers of these feeds scambling to put ‘content’
on their feed almost on an hourly basis.

Commercial enterprises have never had it so good to get
their press release into circulation so quickly as more and
more commercial news, via press releases, is needed to fill
the ever available channels being run by rss feed publishers.
Even badly written press releases that under normal
circumstances would not find a publisher willing to print it,
will be readily accepted by rss feed publishers looking avidly
for more ‘content’. This ‘content’ may only be on a rss feed for
the space of one hour before it is replaced by something else,
but it will have the potential to be seen by lillions of
people world wide.

This is the ‘potential’ that big media companies are now eyeing.

One rss feed publisher charges $6,000 for an item of news
to be on one of his feeds for the space of one day.
So the potential for earning substantial incomes from publishing
your own rss feed can be huge.

Many web publishers will change tack and embrace rss feeds
as being potentially more commercially viable than publishing
a web site.

Many ‘spammers’ will change to running as many rss feeds
as possible to saturate the market, since spam filters are
proving very effective for email.

How easy is it to put up a rss feed?

If you have web hosting already, it can be set up in 5 minutes!

All it needs is a text file placed on the serverFind Article, and the ‘feed’
is live to the whole world. Instant rss feed publishing!