standard of living has increased and so has the need to earn sufficient money
in order to support a lavish and luxurious life. However, with the increase in
the standard of living, people are settling for nothing less than mediocre. It
has become mandatory to earn some extra income in order to support our growing
needs. This has resulted in a lot of people employing different means to
support their luxurious lifestyles. Amongst the various plans that have become
beneficial for people to earn a few extra bucks, investing in a MLM business
tops the charts.

Qnet is one such MLM company that has
provided a few of the best products to the market also enabling people to
invest in highly rewarding diversified schemes.Qnet Ltd is a
multinational direct selling network marketing megacorp with central office
based in Hong Kong. It has been in existence since 1998. They have many sub
companies in over 22 countries worldwide with Qnet as the administrative arm.
They use interactive marketing, also known as word of mouth advertising and
e-commerce to circulate their products. Qnet provides a varied range of
products from luxury and collectible products like rare minted coins, exquisite
Swiss watches and holiday packages. There is a line of wellness and health
products also and adding to this is their telecommunication packages and a
whole lot more of products. Qnet also represents as a promising and
rewarding profession for entrepreneurs to work for themselves, earning
additional or core income.

Qnet uses the balanced binary compensation plan
focusing largely on the policy of “Raise Yourself to Help Mankind”. An
individual needs to purchase a Qnet product of one’s own choice to start the
business. After doing so, the distributer qualifies to be an independent
representative (IR). Further the IR will have to refer a minimum of two
individuals to the company who in turn purchase products of their choice from
Qnet. The IR can then start earning commissions and start making money. The
best part about this is that Qnet does not charge you on monthly basis and the
members purchase products only once. Regardless of this, it is very easy to
find abundant articles online labeled ‘Qnet
’. But before you give credence to these reports, try and deduce
their motives and ensure that the writer holds your best interests in mind.

Apparently there have been speculations running about
the Qnet Ltd being a fraud company. There have been a number of people raising
questions about the functionality of the multinational firm, and even regarding
the affiliations and the “PYRAMID SCHEME”. There have been numerous accusations
related to the pricing of the products the Qnet provides and pointing out the
non-usability of the products, or as quoted “USELESS”. A number of people have
come up pointing out only 5% may potentially EARN! And so the skepticism and
acquisitions go on. But the counterpart, the reality is that the “Qnet
” is by those who have not managed to successfully grasp the
business and haven’t made it big. These people who haven’t
succeeded in Qnet resorted to calling the company a fraud. As a matter of fact
these people are completely clueless about how a multinational megacorp
functions. They simply invest the
money but do not follow up or
keep a track on their investments. These people expect their money to flow
through the market without taking any conscious efforts, and when they realize
that it’s not going to happen they end up speculating about Qnet

The honest truth is Qnet fraud is baseless and that
Qnet is a legal network marketing company with remarkable products and a
beneficial business model. It is not a scam! Many people worldwide use their
products and love them. Most importantly the business model is profitable.
Patience is what pays off in this case. Qnet is the official sponsor for Asian Football
Confederation at the moment and has an F1 team in the Monaco grand prix. One can attain success
with Qnet only if he/she dreams big and plans to create difference not only in
their lives for also lives of others. And rest any speculations related to the Qnet
fraud it is completely baseless.