Common Questions

What Can White Investigations Do For You?

What can White Investigations do for you?

With over 15 years of professional investigative experience, our core commitment is to ensure that each case we handle has been thoroughly researched to provide irrefutable evidence that each client we represent, is the true and correct owners or beneficiaries of the funds we locate. 

We believe our approach creates the biggest benefit for our clients in terms of both time and costs savings. 

Why have we called you?

If you have received a call, letter or an email from us, it is because we believe that you, or someone you know, may be the owner or a beneficiary of a lost or unclaimed asset we have located.

What types of assets do we locate?

The assets we locate are generally held by a governmental entity, and oftentimes require a great deal of, or very specific types of proof to recover.

Why can’t you (or your company) just handle this yourself?

Part of the value we bring to our clients is in locating assets that they would not have been aware of had we not gotten involved. Once of the first questions we ask of a potential claimant is whether or not they are aware of an asset or an amount of funds we have located. 

We have had occasions where we have done the recovery work for claimants or claimant companies who knew an asset existed, but for various reasons, did not prove the claim. Another major part of our value is being able to prove our claims to ensure the correct party recovers.