Kitchen Appliances News

Kitchen Appliances News

We publish up to date news stories from the world of kitchen appliances. Recent bad news from the US includes the news that Whirlpool corporation are to close its manufacturing facilities in LaVergne, TN, U.S. and Reynosa, Mexico.

Production of built-in refrigerators currently manufactured at the LaVergne facility will be moved to the company’s Fort Smith, AR facility, and production of side-by-side refrigerators made at Reynosa will shift to Whirlpool’s Ramos Arizpe, Mexico site. At LaVergne, approximately 500 jobs will be eliminated, while at Reynosa, an estimated 750 jobs will be affected. The Fort Smith plant expects to add approximately 275 jobs by December, and the Ramos Arizpe facility plans to add an estimated 600 employees by mid-year.

Like wise in the UK, wher The Electrolux Group has announced that it is to close its loss-making cooker factory in Spennymoor towards the end of next year and consolidate production into an existing cooker plant in Poland. The Spennymoor factory manufactures AEG, Electrolux, and Zanussi cooking appliances – mainly free standing cookers – plus a smaller number of built-in ovens, for the UK and Irish markets and has approximately 500 employees.

“This development, in combination with a shift in consumer preferences from free-standing cookers to built-in cookers, has eroded the competitiveness of our Spennymoor factory. Running a loss-making factory is not sustainable which is why we have decided to consolidate our UK cooker manufacturing into our factory in Swidnica in Poland.” said Magnus YngenComputer Technology Articles, head of Electrolux Major Appliances Europe.

The closure of the Electrolux cooking appliance factory at Spennymoor means that cooker production in Britain will be limited to range cooker production plus a handful of niche built-in manufacturers.

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Jetking Fraud is not to be believed

Jetking Fraud is not to be believed


Among various different sectors that see a large number of people flocking towards them is the IT sector. This is one industry that is rapidly growing and has provided a number of employment opportunities to people and is continuing to do so. Apart from the job offers, it is also extremely lucrative in the monetary senses. This makes it a favorite among the masses specially the young people. Different institutes that train students effectively in this sector have come up and one of the best institutes is, Jetking. This is one institute that is known for the quality they provide to their students and this is definitely futuristic. In spite of this, there are numerous times when one comes across reports on jetking fraud. But are these true and worth believing, is what one should know. Jetking fraud is generally reported by people who claim that they haven’t learnt anything from this esteemed institute. They say that they did not receive anything that they were promised they would. But those who say this are to be blamed since they are at fault. They haven’t attended the training sessions regularly, didn’t sit for class or didn’t concentrate on what was being taught. They had an extremely casual attitude towards the class and this has resulted in failure to understand all that was explained and taught in thee institute. Jetking fraud reports shouldn’t be believed since it is something that is reported by those who haven’t thought of giving too much importance to the course taught at this institute or have whiled away their time. Once they realized that they have missed out on a lot they conveniently choose to blame the institute to not receive any flak themselves. But if their reports had any truth to it and if the institute was truly not providing them with all that they had been promised, every student passing out from Jetking would have had issues and not just a handful of them. Also, if Jetking fraud reports were true, Jetking wouldn’t have been the preferred choice over all other institutes by most of the IT companies. They prefer students passing out from Jetking since they have an edge over the others as they have practical training and in depth knowledge that is highly appreciated. Those who lodge complaints against Jetking must be thankful because in spite of their casual attitude, they have been placed at good companies under the 100% placement schemes that are used by Jetking. Source: Free Articles from

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Never Miss the Evening News with DirecTV

Never Miss the Evening News with DirecTV

Being a member of the DirecTV family of viewers has many advantages and one of them is that as long as you are receiving satellite programming from DirecTV, the ten o’clock news will always be waiting for you no matter what time of day or night you arrive home. Watching the local evening news is important in keeping track of what is going on in your community and also it helps to keep a sense of belonging to that community.

If you have a work schedule that doesn’t allow you the time for the local news each night, then you can begin to feel disconnected from your community and lose track of what is going on in it and all the local developments.

Every new member of the DirecTV family of satellite TV viewers receives a complete Hughes satellite system absolutely free of charge, when they make a final decision on a programming package. Hughes is a recognized name in the field of home electronics components and has a stellar record in quality and reliability, that is recognized world wide.

It is the brand of electronics that DirecTV caries exclusively, because of their long standing reputation for reliability. If you select a Hughes receiver with digital video recorder, such as the Hughes executive model, then you can easily program it to record every nights evening news for you.

Its so easy to do with the one touch user friendly recording feature on this sturdy and reliable unit. It has a full one-hundred hours of memory in the digital video recorders memory and that is a little over four days of solid recording time. With all this recording time you can store any news casts that you might find particularly interesting.

If you are a real news hound, then you can program it to record two news channels simultaneously and any other news or information programming that you like. Then you can just sit back in your easy chair when you get home and over dose on all the news you want. If you are a total news maniac then you can get the Hughes executive model receiver, with digital video recorder Powered by TiVo to use during the news action shots that you might want to see again.

This receiver function gives you instant replay in slow motion as one of its many great features. If you need to stop your live news program for any reason, you can do it with this same function and it picks right up right where you stopped it. This receiver is loaded to the gills with great common sense functions that you will easily find a use for.

Instant caller ID lets you decide if a call is worthy of interrupting your news programming by appearing in the corner of your screen. Instant program search lets you find the date and time of any news or information program you are interested in, by simply entering it into the function by name and all the information on it will instantly appear on your screen. For the true news houndFind Article, Hughes receivers are the first choice in quality home electronics components.

Medicare Claims Database Highlighting Fraud and Abuse

Medicare Claims Database Highlighting Fraud and Abuse


According to The Wall Street Journal, almost every person age 65 and older is insured by Medicare. While most doctors and providers use the system properly, incidence of Medicare fraud and abuse cost taxpayers billions of dollars every year.The federal government notes that errors in the Medicare program are typically the result of billing mistakes and not an attempt by a doctor or company to improperly bill the program. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the program made nearly $24 billion in improper payments in 2009, almost doubling the previous years’ rate.The price of fraud, however, runs even higher. A CBS report notes that Medicare fraud costs taxpayers an estimated $60 billion a year, and some estimates put the figure at nearly $100 billion.Common Types of FraudAccording to, the official government Medicare site, common types of Medicare fraud include patients being charged for services they never receive, or being billed for equipment or services they do not need. Fraud can also involve doctors using another person’s Medicare card to bill for services or companies billing for home equipment that has been returned.There have been some high-profile cases of fraud recently. The New York Times reported that 40 members of an organized crime family were arrested and charged with stealing the identities of numerous patients. These identities were then used to bill out nearly $100 million in Medicare costs to clinics in 25 states. And in Miami, the management at a chain of mental health clinics was charged in a $200 million Medicare scheme in which patients were billed for group therapy sessions that never happened.Medicare Claims DatabaseA recent Wall Street Journal report details the practice of one New York City physician who billed out and was paid more than $2 million from the Medicare system in 2008. While the doctor practiced family medicine, she repeatedly billed the program for extraordinary procedures that are uncommon in a family practice, including “polysomnography sleep analyses, nerve conduction probes and needle electromyography procedures.” As a result, she was one of the highest paid family medicine practitioners in the system.The Journal gathered this information from the Medicare claims database, which houses information on payments made by the Medicare program. Though payments made to individual doctors remain confidential, the database does show the amounts paid for services to hospitals and other institutional providers. The report notes that this prevents the public from knowing how Medicare spends one-eighth of its funds, over $62 billion in 2009.But some argue that the database is misused and that the information, including doctor’s payments, should be fully disclosed. This disclosure would let the public know where and how fraud and abuse affect the $500 billion program.Source: Free Articles from

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Why is it praised by some and cursed by others?

Pycnogenols are OPCs and are antioxidants. They are found in
plants throughout the world and are produced as part of the
plant’s survival system. The greater the environmental stress,
the more powerful the OPCs it produces. The most powerful
OPCs are found in the Maritime Pine Tree of France. A French
scientist read of a tragedy which happened in the St. Lawrence
Seaway where some sailors whose ship was trapped in the ice
were dying of a strange disease. Natives introduced them to a
stinky tea made from the local pine trees. The sailors who drank
the tea quickly regained health.

Since the Maritime Pine Tree in France was used for lumber, the
bark was readily available. His experiments resulted in the
introduction of OPCs as a great healing source. The name
Pycnogenol was patented and it only refers to OPCs from the
Maritime Pine Tree. None of the OPCs coming from other
sources can legally be called Pycnogenol. The Horphag Company
who owns the patent and trademark actively pursues people who
illegally use the name “Pycnogenol” as more and more of those
companies are discovering. All OPCs are antioxidants, but their
quality varies greatly.

About 15 years ago, Dr. Lamar Rosquist recorded a tape
concerning his use of Horphag Pycnogenol. The testimonials
were mind boggling and covered a wide range of illnesses.
Over a million copies were sold and at least a million more
were illegally distributed. Many people who used his tape
were selling inferior quality OPCs as pycnogenol and people
who bought it did not get the results described by Dr. Rosquist.
Disappointed, they yelled “Fraud.” Fraud was (and still is)
involved, but it is the look alike products that are fraud.

To get the best results from Horphag Pycnogenol, you need a
product with a delivery system and you need to use one
milligram per one pound of body weight. Since the root cause
of most illnesses is free radical damage, Horphag Pycnogenol
used with the 1-1 formula helps overcome many health
challenges. Miracles after miracles have been and are being
recorded. Why have many people failed to get good results?

1.An inferior quality of OPCs was used.
2.They were not using Horphag Pycnogenol on a 1-1 basis.
3.The formulation did not include a delivery system
4.The product did not include as much Pycnogenol as claimed on the label.
5.Pycnogenol adheres to many ingredients used as tablet fillers and passes out of the body.
6.Pycnogenol adheres to collagen which is used to make capsules.

Horphag Pycnogenol remains a powerful disease fighter when
packaged and used correctly. When buying Pycnogenol, make
sure the Horphag name is on the package. Otherwise there is
no telling which OPC is being used or how powerful it is. You
will also want to check for a delivery system and the real
quantity of Pycnogenol in each tablet. If you are using
Pycnogenol and do not get the desired results, check the
above list of 6 reasons for failure.

Horphag Pycnogenol is expensive. In America the raw Horphag
Pycnogenol costs over $3,600 per kilo, which is a very small
quantity. I checked pycnogenol on Google a few days ago and
the products listed were so cheap it became clear the chances
of those products being Horphag Pycnogenol are almost non
existent. Get your calculator and do some figuring before you

My health was restored nine years ago by Horphag Pycnogenol
containing a delivery system. It was used at the of 1 milligram
per1 one pound of weight. I use it every day. There are too
many people needlessly suffering with “old age” diseases and I
don’t plan to join them.

Submitted byBusiness Management Articles,
George McClelland

Fraud in real estate, are you being victimized? – Part I

Fraud in real estate, are you being victimized? – Part I

Rip off artists appear in all shapes and sexes. They usually are nice looking, well dressed and very smooth talkers. They, in conversation, tell you about a financial killing they made, or are in the middle of closing. Then they change the subject. A really smooth talker never asks or suggests you invest. They wait until you beg and plead with them to let you in on their great deal. At this point you are HAD. That means, ” your goose is cooked and you are invited to the feast, because you are the main course.” The logical question is how do you know, before you lose your money that you are going to be ripped off? The answer is independent research, and lots of it.

Find a friend, a friend’s friend who is an “expert” in the specific field you are thinking of investing. Ask lots of questions and listen to him. Ask him or her how to make sure you are protected. In the years, 1990 to 1995, eight people I know paid the same real estate trainer over $5,000 each to show them how to buy real estate for “NO MONEY DOWN.” The trainer claimed she got results. Not one of the students, all of who got to know each other, after years of trying, ever bought a property for “No Money Down.”

Recently the same trainer is offering to get her students 100% financing on real estate, even with bad credit. The MARK (the name for a con artist’s pigeon) thinks he is paying for an education. The education is that you are $5,000 poorer and you have the name of a loan company that will charge you 8.5% on a 1st Mtg. and 11% on a 2nd mtg. I will tell you how to find such a lender yourself and it will only cost you a phone call.

See an attorney or an accountant to review the deal, especially the paperwork. I have seen contracts that if you just read it yourself, word for word and thought about what it said you would run like a wolf is chasing you. He is. One simple real estate contract allowed the con man to take the money out of the joint account before he did the repair work. He took the money and never did any work. Never release money until you have everyone’s signature on the paperwork and your adviser has read the whole contract, word for word. If you cannot afford an attorney, do not do the deal. It is better to not make a profit than to loose what you already have. “A fool and his money are soon parted.” Don’t be the fool.

Get to know this person. Who are his friends? Who does he work with? What does the real estate commissioner or the “Better Business Bureau.” Have on him? Ask for the names of people who have already invested with the “con artist”, made their profit, and are out of the deal. Do not ask a person who has gotten in but hasn’t gotten out. Multilevel people love to have you talk to people that have just gotten into the group, just before you.

One of smoothest people around was a securities investment adviser in Santa Barbara. He got hundreds of people to invest with him because hundreds of people had already invested with him. None of them did the level of homework they should have. The few people, who did do independent research, smelled a rat and didn’t invest. Many of his investors have lost their whole life’s savings; the rest just lost a lot of money, but will recover. If you think I am trying to scare youFree Reprint Articles, then you are absolutely right. “Money should come in rapidly and be spent very slowly.” See “Fraud in Real Estate – part II”