Are you feeing lonely? Know the latest about the glamour world.

Are you feeing lonely? Know the latest about the glamour world.

It is the age of technology. Your entertainment is not dependent upon tabloids and film magazines because you have the bundle of entertainment in your pocket. It is none other than your own mobile. Celebrity news app has developed a mobile application through which you can read the latest celebrity news.

What they are planning to do in the coming future? Where are they going to celebrate their birthday? Why are they visiting the famous religious shrine? With whom are they vacationing? All these multiple questions can be answered within the latest website which is none other than but the celebrity news app. It is the website which fetches the latest news of famous celebrities from various sources of information.

The best thing about this celebrity app is that it saves time because you don’t have to wait for another fifteen days or a month to know about the latest gossips of your favorite celebrity. It updates itself automatically because it fetches the content from different websites related to the world of entertainment.

The portability of this mobile application also makes it unique. You are carrying your mobile so you can download the web application wherever you want. You just need an internet connection and a web enabled mobile. Thus, the celebrity app gives you a unique experience to know about the latest incidents occurring in the lives of your favorite celebrities. 

Since, this application can be downloaded instantly therefore you don’t have to run to the nearest magazine stands to get the latest tabloid. It fetches the celebrity news along with their pictures so it makes the gossips a little more spicy and interesting.

This revolutionary application comes along with the facility to share, like and bookmark among social networking sites so whenever you liked any news or gossip, and if you are interested in sharing that information with all your friends who are present over the social networking sites then you can do it easily. So, this application is designed keeping in mind the current trend of social networking arena.

Sometimes a lot of controversies happen over the issue of breach of privacy of actors, actresses and models. Since the celebrities from the glamour world are also human beings therefore they get irritated whenever someone from the media wants to enter their personal life. It is the responsibility of media professionals not to breach the privacy of these celebrities. Anything should not be done so that actors and actresses from glamour world feel embarrassed.

This application is a versatile source of entertainment. WheneverFree Articles, you are looking for a companion who can take you in the world of entertainment then you can download this application on your mobile or computer so that you can get updated with the on goings of the glamour world. 

Seeking A Loan From A Financial Intermediary

Seeking A Loan From A Financial Intermediary


A financial system has at its core borrowers and lenders. A sophisticated financial system is said to be lubricated when there is ease in the transfer of money between the two and is reflected when best forex trading occurs. This can be done through direct lending where the lender gives the money to the borrower. If you had $1 million would you give $10,000 to the first 100 people that showed up. Of course you would not because the risk is too great.You have no idea whether or not those individuals would pay back the money that you let them unless you have the means to evaluate their history of financial transactions and their ability to pay loans. This process of lending money costs money. The act of lending money in itself has overhead that must be factored into the loan along with inflation and careful evaluation of loan applicants. Any lender who does not take this into account when not only loses money while also waste time in expecting a return on investment when there is none to be had. It is this reason that there are financial intermediaries. The role of a financial intermediary is to create a market in which both investors and borrowers can obtain terms which are workable for their needs.The financial intermediation market is typically a retail market and the indirect claims issued by financial intermediaries are often given names such as checking accounts, savings accounts or money markets fund shares. In a complex financial system anyone with a surplus of money can in fact become a lender without incurring the overhead costs associated with direct lending. Also a borrower does not have to have a rich uncle in order to obtain a loan or act on forex trading tips. That is why a borrower is often sent to a bank to which he has a long-standing checking account when seeking a loan. They know his history and will be able to determine whether or not he is a risk for such a loan.
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How Financial Intermediaries Affect Lending

How Financial Intermediaries Affect Lending


Financial intermediaries are integral to any financial system and are necessary for the best forex trading to occur. An economy functions to the transaction of money and on a greater scale through the transactions that take place between lenders and borrowers. A person with a surplus of money may wish to have in investment opportunity where they can see a return in a specified time frame known as maturity.To engage in direct lending is very risky because an individual is at a disadvantage when it comes to evaluating borrowers. This is why indirect financing is both beneficial for the lender and the borrower. The financial intermediary takes on a lot of this overhead and provides qualified borrowers to which a lender can give a loan to in exchange for a financial claim in which interest payments will be made.Another service that financial intermediaries can provide is that they are able to create securities with a wide range of maturities from one day to more than 30 years. Plus they are able to buy directly and issued by the borrowers an issue in direct securities with precisely the maturities (usually shorter) desire by the lenders. For example, savings and loans associations obtained funds by issuing passbook accounts and savings certificates and invest the funds and long-term consumer mortgages.If a lender had a specified maturity date of let’s say 15 years then he will have a hard time trying to find a borrower who only needs the money for a car repair. What a lender needs is a venue in which there is a large amount of borrowers who are qualified. In addition he also needs to be able to set the terms in which the principal is repaid and that is why a financial intermediary is vital to our economy and necessary when it comes to taking advantage of forex trading tips. Because they can provide what a lender cannot receive easily when issuing loans directly, intermediaries play a large role in our society.
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31 Ways to Get Your Name in the News

31 Ways to Get Your Name in the News

A news release is sent to editors and journalists in order to generate a news story in a newspaper or magazine. It’s one of the easiest and cost-effective, ways to get your message out there. If a reporter decides to run your release, your business receives space for free – and more credibility than just running an ad.

Many businesses ignore the fact that reporters are looking for news, not just as rehash of an advertisement or promotion. Ultimately, if the release is newsworthy, it won’t be put in the trash

So what’s news?

Cherry offers 31 suggested press release topics:

1.A new product
2.An old product with a new name or package
3.A new version of an old product
4.An old product available in new materials/colors
5.A new application of an old product
6.New accessories available for an old product
7.The publication of new or revised sales literature
8.A speech or presentation given by an executive
9.An expert opinion on any subject
10.A controversial topic
11.New employees
12.Promotions within the firm
13.Awards or honors given to employees
14.Awards or honors given to the company
15.Original discoveries or innovations
16.New branches, departments or facilities
17.New sales reps, distributors or agents
18.Major contracts awarded to the firm
19.New clients
20.Joint ventures
21.Strategic alliances
22.Management reorganization
23.Major achievements
24.Unusual people or products
25.Unusual ways of doing business
26.Case histories of successful applications
27.How-to advice
28.Change of company nameFree Articles, slogan or logo
29.Opening of a new business
30.Special events such as an open house or tour
31.Charitable acts

Hey CyberJunkie, Clean that Booger off Your Nose!

Hey CyberJunkie, Clean that Booger off Your Nose!

By Richard Vegas © 2002

Well….., I got some good news and I got some bad news. It’s come to my attention that some of you want to be cyberjunkies. Which do you want first? I’ll give you the good news first. YOU can!! It’s very simple. The bad news is: It’s not easy and it could be messy.

Let’s take a look at both.
Simple is as simple does. Most everyone reading this is somewhat computer savvy.
At least you know how to turn the thing on and maneuver around. So, I’m assuming you Haven’t just brought it home and taken it out of the box.

Most too often, cyberjunkies get caught up in the way something works, the theory behind it and trying to logically make sense out of it. DON’T DO THAT!!

This is one of the main reasons cyberprofiting is not easy. WE make it hard. We make it hard in our own minds.

There are unlimited resources on the net to tell you how to do something. But, have you ever noticed how long it takes you to initiate action after you have completely read the book you just purchased?
YOU make it hard on yourself! Just because you don’t understand everything you read or completely follow what the author says, you say to yourself, I’ll wait till I understand it.

Now, I’ve stopped talking to you and gone to preaching to myself.

I want to relay to you a short but amusing story. When I first started on the internet it was late 1996. I was single, still am, hummm………I wonder if that means anything,

Anyway, I was on AOL one night looking at ladies profiles.
Well, all of a sudden, this window pops up on my screen and nearly scares the pee out of me.
I thought my computer had gone to messing with my head. Anyway, the window had a send button, so I figured I could type something and send it back.

Well, This lady on the other end says to me after some short introductions, “Do you cyber”? I said, “what is cyber”? Now remember, I have only been on the internet less than a week.
So, she says, “You know” Cyber. I said No, “What is cyber”? She said, “CYBER SEX” in all caps. Kinda like she was getting mad at me.

I said, almost nervously, I think my fingers were mumbling, “What is cyber sex”? She said, “You know, sex on a computer”. I said, “Well, I guess it’s ok unless you fall off”. True story.

I tell you this because today I’ve gone from a total “know nothing” to running two full time businesses in cyberspace. I am a popular recording artist and have just completed my first album and working on my second. Yea, I just had to plug that.

And, I have a full time Internet Marketing business. But, don’t we all? Ha! Music is my passion, and the internet business gives me the flexibility to pursue my passion. In fact, I’m writing an article on discovering your passion. Most people don’t even know what their passion is.

So, the hardest thing in cyberspace you’ll ever do is programming your mind to stop sabotaging your own efforts.

Action is the key to overcoming all sorts of non-understandable theory, ideas and concepts.
Find ONE thing in the program, focus on that until you feel confident to move to the next one.
I got news for you……’ll never completely understand all the theories and concepts until you do begin to take action.

Then, and only then, will things begin to fall into place. So, the next time you find yourself sitting in front of your computer screen doing nothing, at least clean the booger off your nose. It might get messyFind Article, but at least you’ll be doing something. :>)

Part 1: Stay tuned for part two.
Richard Vegas ©2002