So You Want Financial Freedom?

So You Want Financial Freedom?

Do you know what you are asking for when you say you want to achieve financial freedom?

I once attended a seminar organized by one of the most prolific UK-based directors for a prestigious research firm I was working for back in 2007. His topic was ‘How to make a million dollars and contribute to the world at the same time’. I was thinking to myself, “Well, he is just research scientist, so what does he know about the road towards financial freedom?”. Cynical me.

It was only months later that his words begin to really sink it. It all made sense when I begin to reflect what he said back then. I can succinctly recall the advice he was sharing to this very day as surely as I can remember the level of enthusiasm received by my colleagues (whom I now regard as bosom friends). They simply returned to their busy experimental routine. Thankfully, I kept it all in my mental hard disc drive.

His very first advice was this: It is not how much you earn that matters; it is how much you save. I cannot stress the truthfulness in this old sage advice that many indeed take for grant, or do not realise. There are many real life examples from people whom I know – as well as those whom I do not directly know, how this is all so true. I know a working family housewife who works to earn a salary that is considered humble in today’s standards. Yet, from the little savings that she puts aside, she is eventually able to buy a middle-class home and live comfortably, even support their children. Her perseverance had paid off.

As important as the first advice is, awareness about what constitutes your personal liabilities is the next natural step. More often than not, credit cards and line-of-credit offerings by financial institutions are the biggest source of robbing your wealth. I call these daylight robbers. That is because their high interest rates insidiously rob you of your hard-earned money slowly but surely, over the months and years, in all your approved consent, and the legitimate realization that come in the form of bank statements. One has to learn to manage his own finances in the first steps before he can ever hope to manage more.

Once the basic financial groundwork is set, one can then hope to expand further. Having two jobs would help. I was at first surprised how that can be done without losing your social life, and time to be spent with your family or loved ones. It was when I learnt about the concept of passive income that I fully understood. Passive income is income you receive without physically ever need to be at the job. This can come in the form of real estate, investments, commodities trading in shares and stocks, or more popularly, internet marketing or businesses.

So what about achieving the status of financial freedom? Although a source in Wikipedia I once read puts $ 9 million dollars to be the amount that one needs to be truly privileged or accorded with that status, it is a largely relative term. Simply put, monetary freedom is not measured in dollars. It is a situation in your life where you never have to work for money again, or worry about how to make more in your lifetime. This is the universal opinion: Financial freedom is achieved when one makes passive income large enough that it overtakes what one earns in his primary job, so much so that he no longer need the latter.

The road towards financial freedom is an arduous journey that require one’s personal evaluation of his financial status in the very first instance. After which, it is only by harnessing the power of passive income can one ever hope to achieve it in his lifetime.

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News Of Indore

News Of Indore

Situated in west Madhya Pradesh, on the southern edge the Malwa plateau, Indore is a city with a rich history. With several magnificent palaces dotting the city, one doesnt need much explanation what importance Indore enjoyed in the past. During the days of the Maratha Empire it was an important halt between the Deccan and Delhi, and has now developed into the commercial capital of the state.

Being the business hub of Madhya Pradesh, the city is amidst news on a daily basis and one can certainly not sideline Indore news.

The bulk of trade in the states commercial capital comes from small, mid and large scale manufacturing and service industries. These industries range from automobile to pharmaceutical. In the last few years software and retail business have also joined the league.

The Pithampur Special Economic Zone in Indore is now famously known as the Detroit of India, which underlines the importance what importance the news of Indore holds.

Apart from its commercial importance, Indore, a city well connected through all the three modes of transportation, also holds a high repute in education. It is the only city in the country having both the top class institutions- the India Institute of Technology and the Indian Institute of Management. The Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College, one of the oldest medical colleges in India, is also one of the best in the field.

It is thus more evident why the news of Indore is so important.

Over the years Indore has provided the opportunity to people all across the country to settle in this very heart of Madhya Pradesh. Apart from the great opportunities it offers in livelihood and education, it is the peaceful culture of the city that has attracted the attention of the people from all over the country.

Rarely one comes across any news of Indore about communities targeting each other. Even in turbulent times, when the country witnessed wide scale violence, this city remained all calm.

The mini-Mumbai is not only known for its business and educational activities, but it also finds its name in the list of Indias tourist destination. Tourists, especially those who want to indulge themselves in the beauty and sanctity of temples, must travel to Indore to get the feel of our rich heritage and culture.

The Annapurna Temple, Bada Ganpati Temple, which houses a 25 ft long statue of the deity, and the magnificent Crystal Temple with its exquisite glass work, are some of the famous and most visited temples in the city.

The city often finds its place in newspapers and other news medium primarily for its business activities and other development stories. Interestingly, recently news of Indore splashed in the media world over, and no, it was not any multinational software company opening its new branch in the city, but for holding the largest tea party in the world.

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Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act

Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act

The administration continues it’s agenda to monitor contractor fraud with a new law. President Obama signed the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act (S. 386) into law on May 20, 2009. While the act is focused on mortgage fraud, it also contains significant provisions relevant to federal government contractors.

Parts of the act apply to any contract, subcontract, grant, or other form of federal assistance, including through TARP or any government economic stimulus, recovery plan, or rescue plan. Contractors with contracts over $ 1 million may be liable should they “knowingly make, use or cause to be made or used, a false record or statement material to a false or fraudulent claim.” It defines the term “material” to mean “having a natural tendency to influence, or be capable of influencing, the payment or receipt of money or property.”

A violation of the act could occur whenever a person makes a false statement that has the natural tendency to influence the government’s decision to pay a claim, regardless of intent. The act redefines the term “claim” to include “any request or demand, whether under a contract or otherwise, for money or property and whether or not the United States has title to the money or property.”

A claim now also includes any request or demand presented to the United States or “made to a contractor, grantee, or other recipient” if (1) “the money . . . is to be spent or used on the Government’s behalf or to advance a Government program or interest” and (2) the United States provides the money requested or will reimburse the entity from which the money was requested.

Running afoul of the act can result in fines of $ 1 million (up to $ 10 million for multiple counts) and 10 years in prison. Since the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act could expose your company to significant liability make sure your compliance programs cover these new provisions. Centre’s Federal Contracting Institute offers both public and on-site compliance training that is current and up to date with all new changes. Our attorney trainers went to law school so you get advice you can rely upon.

Barbara Kinosky, ESQ

Horse News

Horse News

The field of the Equine has been in lots of stories recently. From your World Equestrian Games in the Kentucky Horse Farm to the death of Kentucky Derby winner Real Quiet to the retirement of champion filly and ’09 Horse of the Year, Rachel Alexandra that is to be carefully bred to twice Horse of the Year, Curlin, there have been multiple headlines.

All these animals, whether winners of thoroughbred racing or even champions from the styles of equine eventing, can be viewed as elite athletes, albeit not necessarily of the style most people might associate with the word. People recognize that jockeys as well as riders regarding these routines are elite athletes (or even they should), but they often neglect to recognize the identical for the horses themselves.

The particular horses are usually as pampered as many top level athletes are. They may not necessarily sleep upon comfortable memory foam mattresses every evening but assuredly they are sleeping on the actual equine version of a comfortable polyurethane foam mattress. The actual champions tend to be provided with much extra space in their stalls, very much extra goodies for their nourishment or bed linen or very much extra grooming each day.

Rachel Alexandra has been a history producer during her racing career. In 2009, she became the initial filly in order to win the particular Preakness Stakes since 1924, the first filly to acquire the Kentucky Oaks (the filly version of the Kentucky Derby) and to run within the Preakness Stakes Race, much less win and was the initial horse at any time to earn the Preakness title from the thirteenth post placement. While horses go into stud after quitting racing and the owners can make tremendous sums regarding stud fees, fillies like Rachel Alexandra only have 1 chance every year to be carefully bred and have a foal. Clearly Rachel Alexandra’s owners are hoping to have positives happen by breeding the girl to stable mate Curlin in hopes of bringing a lot more racing champions into the globe.

Real Quiet was a winner of the Kentucky Derby and also the Preakness before falling simply short of the racing Triple Crown in the Belmont Stakes, losing by a nose to Victory Gallop. This was the closest to a Triple Crown because Affirmed conquer Alydar in each of the Triple Crown races in 1978.

While the race horses participating in the World Equestrian Games are no where near as well-known as Rachel Alexandra and also Real Quiet they are equally as much elite sports athletes. Not all top notch athletes have to rest on the comfortable king size memory foam bed mattress to perform at the elite degree. For all participants in the Games are truly among the global elite equines.

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Middle East News

Middle East News

The Middle East can be referred to as a diverse region of the world. It consists of some of the longest as well as most famous cultural and chronological dealings all through human history. Most of these developments have been crucial to the humankind development. Today this development has resulted in a huge and diverse human civilization. A clear understanding of the religion followed by the population in the Middle East and the cultural differences that exist will be a great help in knowing the place and its people well.

When obtaining knowledge about religion followed in the Middle East and the ethnic differences that exist, it is crucial to know about common terms Sunni and Shia. Muslims belonging to the Sunni and Shia group are not interchangeable. The concept is very similar to the vast difference between the terms Arab and Muslim. Arabs are actually a part of an ethnic group. They are not a part of a specific religion.

This can be justified by the fact that the Arabs have known their existence in this world before Islam was founded. In fact, Arab Christians and Arab Jews have also been a part if this world for a long time. The staunch believers of Sunni and Shia adhere to the principles of Islam. However follow the religion and its principles in a different way from each other. These differences have lead to extreme violence between the two groups.

It is imperative to understand that all Arabs do not follow Islam. The Middle East is a culturally diverse region of this world, both in terms of history and religions. Arab Christians are spread throughout the area including in northern Africa, Lebanon, Israel/Palestine Syria, and Jordan. Christianity is not the chief religion in these areas. However, followers of Islam are referred to as Muslims. Judaism is a third main religion followed in the area. There are also various other religions that make up for the rest of the belief structures.

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