Overnight Trading News

Overnight Trading News

Stocks in Asia were generally weak overnight. The Nikkei and Hang Seng both dropped about one percent, Shanghai lost 0.6% and Australia was down a slight fraction. European indexes are little changed at the moment, with the Footsie off by a quarter percent and the Dax up by one tenth of a percent. US stock futures are essentially unchanged.

*German states are releasing the September readings of their Consumer Price Index this morning, some of the reports include: Saxony +0.1% on a month on month basis and +1.5% year over year; Br4andenburg -0.3% and +1.0%; Hesse -0.1% and +1.1%; and Bavaria -0.3% and +1.4%. The national CPI report is due out later this morning; the EU Harmonized version is expected to fall 0.2% on a month on month basis and +1.3% on a year over year basis.

*The final reading of the UK’s Q2 GDP was unrevised at +1.2% on a quarter on quarter basis.

*There continues to be some discussion this morning about the WSJ article out yesterday afternoon that says the Fed is considering an incremental approach to further quantitative easing rather than announcing a predetermined amount; it is a strategy that is favored by St. Louis Fed boss Bullard in particular.

*The weekly report on chain store sales from ICSC shows a gain of 0.4% on a week on week basis for the week ended September 25; sales were up 3.6% for the week when compared to the same week from a year ago. The Johnson Redbook report on the same thing is due out at 7:55am CDT.

*The July reading of the Case/Shiller Home Price Index is due out at 8:00am CDT, it is expected to be +3.10% on a year over year basis. The September reading of Consumer Confidence is due out at 9:00am CDT, it is forecast to be 52.1, down slightly from the August result of 52.5.

*The Richmond Fed Manufacturing Index for September is due to be release at 9:00am CDT, it is expected to fall five points on the month to a reading of 6.

*The Fed is scheduled to buy TIPS today that are due to mature between 1/15/11 and 2/15/40. The results of the operation are due to be announced just after 10:00am CDT.

*The Treasury plans to sell $ 35 billion 5 Year Notes today; the results will be announced just after noon CDT.

*A couple of Fed speakers on the calendar today. Governor Warsh is on a panel about job creation at an NYSE function at Georgetown University at 3:30pm CDT and Atlanta Fed boss Lockhart will speak on the economic outlook at 4:30pm in Tennessee.

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Financial Aid – The FSEOG Grant

Financial Aid – The FSEOG Grant

The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) is typically awarded to undergraduate students from low-income families, and, as it is a grant, does not require repayment, unlike a student loan. As of last year (2009), grants were awarded under the FSEOG program of anywhere from $ 100 to $ 4,000 per annum. In order to provide proof of their qualification for the award of a FSEOG Grant, students are required to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Upon the successful receipt and evaluation of this form, their application will be either granted or denied, depending on the information given therein.

The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant was implemented in 1966, and has, from this time, awarded many millions of dollars to students from low-income families. From 2009, the FSEOG program was second only to the Pell Grant program in terms of being the largest federal grant program.

In order to meet the criteria necessary to qualify for receipt of a FSEOG award, students must meet three main conditions: First, they must be an enrolled college undergraduate at one of the 4,000 participating universities. Second, the applicant should be a US citizen. Finally, the student should demonstrate ‘significant financial need’. By filling out the FAFSA form, the student will automatically be considered for a FSEOG, so there is no need to fill out a separate application.

Students in receipt of the Federal Pell Grant-and those with the lowest projected family contributions-will be the first in line to be considered for the FSEOG. The main deadline for submission of FAFSAs is June 30th, although with regards to state financial aid, individual states will have their own deadlines, so be sure to look on the FAFSA website in order to be sure of your dates.

With regards to the receipt of a FSEOG award, students should get their FAFSAs in on time, and should also make sure that they maintain a decent academic record whilst also being enrolled in a minimum of six credits. In the event that these conditions cease to be met in full, FSEOG payments may be stopped. Additionally students may wish to see what other federal grants may be available to them in order to maximize their potential funding while attending school and minimize the financial difficulties they may face afterward.

If you’re stuck and need some help finding good information online try using Financial-Aid-Directory.com for finding the latest information on financial aid to help you when you need it most.

Avoiding Fraud Thru Background Checks

Avoiding Fraud Thru Background Checks

It may seem easy to become a victim of fraud, but you’ll be surprise to know that it’s as easy as well to avoid it. All you have to do to defend yourself from the abundant number of fraudulent practices is to do your homework about it. The task of preventing yourself from being scammed can be easy; especially if you let someone else do the studying for you. This is so not like school where you have to be strict with who should do the process or what. With the help of professionals, you’re guaranteed assurance on what you’re about to get yourself into. Prior to doing business transactions with a company, or before entering an employment relationship, you can ask a third party company that’s specializes in background checks to do a comprehensive background check for you.

Identity verification and background searches are among the best tools there is that could help you in making sure you’ll make the right decision in the end. The lack of professional credentials that everyone often ignores is among the common reasons for someone to fall victim to fraud. Doing business transactions blindly, without the slightest idea as to whom you’re dealing with, can cause significant harm to you, your own business and even to your family. Settling to what type of background check tool you should choose is the next step that you should consider. To do that you would have to know what kind of business or transaction it is that you are planning to work on. For a contractual agreement, a due diligence check is what you should do. This due diligence check that we speak about is actually a kind of comprehensive background check used to verify the qualifications of the company or the executive that you wish to consider entering or doing business with. The results include state databases pertaining to the professional licensing and registration of the company being questioned.

If it is with a person that you wish to transact with, a criminal background check is more the likely choice for you. This will allow you to have a glimpse of the individual’s criminal history from where you could decide whether you’d want to do business with them or not. If you’re still not satisfied with that, or you just want to be absolutely sure before you do anything else, then you can try performing a professional reference check. This is the most traditional approach where get to call the reference persons the applicant or the individual mentioned in his resume. It’s often that he had listed there a previous boss or client that he had worked with. By asking them their reaction and experiences with the person in question, you can now move on and decide finally if you’d want to do the transaction or not.

Mishael Drane is a freelance writer currently focused on writing articles for background check accounts and related topics. She enjoys sharing her works by submitting articles on various websites that allows her to do so.

News In Music

News In Music

Several awards, competitions festivals see many new releases that are in some way to cheer the bad season looming. As for the music there are many new discs out that surely warm their cold winter days. New attractions but also many unexpected and welcome return, so numerous that sometimes you need to rely on websites, magazines or blogs and documented specific music always updated on new releases and initiatives that go into being.

There are three main expected returns: Take That, Skunk Anansie and All Saints, three return marking the reunion of three historical groups that have marked, albeit in three completely different ways, the history of music of the 90s.

Take That, boy band born in the first half of the 90s that sold 35 million records worldwide, after album which lacked the presence of the historic member Robbie Williams, the only one of five have had a global success as a soloist, will return with an album.Announced in the spring of 2010 the return of Williams’s new album does not have a firm date for release during autumn 2010 but certainly we listen to new tracks and in the spring of 2011 to attend the concert as it is in anticipation of a world tour promotion thereof.

Skunk Anansie, core group of the 90s rock scene, after several solo albums of frontwoman Skin has returned to record an album that blend alternative rock and personality of the typical British band. Anticipated by the single “My ugly boy”, passed by all Italian radio also, the new album due out September 21, 2010 will be entitled “Wonderlustre. They too will accompany the album release with a world tour that will present the new work and resurface the original lineup in all its grit and passion.

Is rather unexpected and almost unexpected return with a Greatest Hits of All Saints. Girl group in the wake of the success of the Spice Girls, this group of English singers had been able to win a special place in pop soul scene in the late ’90s when he announced, following internal misunderstandings, the melting peak of their success. After several solo attempts as the four band members have announced a reunion album for release next September 20th which will be titled “Pure Shores: The Very Best of All Saints.”

There are also numerous other musical outlets both in the rock scene in that global and national pop like Phil Collins, Lady Gaga and its highly anticipated “Born This Way”, the Kings of Leon and David Guetta. Do is keep up with the media and choose among the various proposals, one that attracts us and interests us most.

By Martina Celegato

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Financial Aid – The ACG Grant

Financial Aid – The ACG Grant

In 2005, the Higher Education Reconciliation Act set up two new grant programs designed to aid those students eligible to receive the Pell Grant-one was the Academic Competitiveness Grant (APG), and it was first available during the 2006-07 academic year in order to stimulate students into taking on more rigorous high school study course that they may also consider challenging college courses in turn.

The Academic Competitiveness Grant is open to applicants that are first-year undergraduates having graduated from high school post-January 1st, 2005. Second-year students that graduated from high school after January 1st, 2005 are also eligible. The ACG is an additional award on top of the Pell Grant. The program is likely to come under fairly sharp focus in political circles soon, as, despite the fact that an initial $ 790 million was ascribed to fund the program during the 2006-07 academic year and $ 4.5 billion set aside over the following five year period, the program is set to expire when the 2010-11 school year unless it is renewed. The program itself is under the management of the Academic Competitiveness Council and is chaired by the Secretary of Education

In respect to the terms of eligibility for the grant itself, the definition of a ‘rigorous program’ is determined by a state or local educational body and is subsequently recognized by the Secretary of State of Education

Due to the fact that a number of states, as yet, do not offer programs that are officially recognized as ‘academically rigourous’ under the terms of grant eligibility, and the government’s desire to include privately-schooled students, home-schooled students, and so forth, other programs of study are also recognized, such as State Scholar Initiatives, International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

In order to be eligible for the Academic Competitiveness Grant, applicants should be full-time students, US citizens and should also meet all eligibility terms and conditions for the Federal Pell Grant. In order to formally submit their application, students should fill in and return a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which can be done online or via regular mail. Alternatively students may also apply for other federal grants at the same time and help make the most out of one application.

If you’re stuck and need some help finding good information online try using Financial-Aid-Directory.com for finding the latest information on financial aid to help you when you need it most.